Monday, September 27, 2010

raya dinner

i am so tired tonight...start from 7.++ am, i wake up and start helping my mother because my sister wants to make feast tonight... this morning, I skinned nuts because my mother want to make 'nasi himpit'. my mother also makes nasi minyak and puding buah... they are so delicious... this feast was held at my sister home at binjai. a lot of people came, and they are brother in law buy sate... the foods that was served just enough for the guests.. tomorrow, i will back  to my ump, and start my boring day again and again and again....huhuuhuhuu... so pity for me.... i eat nasi minyak with ayam masak merah first, and when all guests had gone home, i eat nasi himpit... all the food was prepared by my mother... her cooks was very-very delicious...i am very proud of her.. she is the best mother in the woorld....haahhaaa... then, i went to shop to buy, mineral water, cucumber, ice, plates and glass plastic.. i go with my mother foster child.. they are sibling of three.. first, along, or aslan. he was in standard six ah sek. keb. pusat. second, angah or amirul, he was in standard four at sek. keb. pusat and the last one is aiman in standard two..they all are very cute as they all larged-size...ehem..ehem...but, they really diligently to help. hohhooo..

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